Back pain is an unfortunate part of life for many Aussie seniors, but it doesn’t have to compromise your quality of life. Physiotherapy treats and relieves back pain, starting with a thorough assessment. Physios use a tailored approach to map out your complete pathway to recovery. This includes hands-on treatments for pain relief and improving flexibility, stability and stretching exercises, and functional strength building. Your treatment is tailored to your needs, using a variety of modalities: not just one treatment for everyone. Treating back pain or a back injury may involve multiple health professionals. Physiotherapists work closely with other practitioners to ensure a smooth transition to recovery and normal life.

Our back pain treatments are hands-on

As well as specific hands-on treatments, Marina Crichton Physiotherapy offers The Bounce Back Spinal Stability program. It is more than your typical gym or exercise program. Developed and implemented by our trained physiotherapists, the eight week program retrains core, back and neck muscles. This ensures the correct muscles are in control for everyday activities, which prevents reinjury and ongoing pain.

Don’t accept back pain as part of getting older. Call Marina Crichton Physiotherapy on 5462 1131 to address your back pain today.


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