It is with both sadness and excitement that I announce my departure from Marina Crichton Physiotherapy to move overseas with my dear husband! I have been extremely grateful to have worked in such a great practice with lovely staff. The people in Gatton are also so friendly and easy going- I couldn’t have asked for a better place to work at for the past year.

One of the things I have enjoyed about working in private practice is helping alleviate people’s pain and facilitating them to reach their goals. Personally I have experienced pain in multiple areas of my body- I’ve sprained my ankle, torn my ACL and had surgery and ongoing knee pain. I have had hip and buttock pain, low back pain, neck pain, nerve pain in my neck and shoulder and De Quervain’s in my thumb (I’m sure many physios can relate- we tend to use our thumbs quite a bit!). Thankfully, due to the knowledge my job has afforded me, I have learnt to get on top of these pains and niggles and treat them swiftly, and for the most part I’m pain free! But I definitely feel for people who have no idea what to do when they are in pain. Pain often signals alarm bells and can make us fret that something terrible or fatal is happening. I love being able to assess people thoroughly and then reassure them that there are logical explanations for their pain (for example- poor posture, overuse, muscle weakness) and that things will often improve with a course of physiotherapy.



I’ve found that one of the best things you can do when you’re in pain is to get help quickly so as to minimise stress levels. When we’re in pain, it’s no doubt that it adds extra stress to our lives. We suddenly can’t do as much as normal, and sometimes it puts our quality of life and our livelihoods at stake.  When we’re stressed and anxious, it often raises our pain levels and if this stress persists over long periods, can be a major contributing factor to chronic pain which is more complex to treat.  Sometimes asking for help is difficult, but for the most part it leads to better outcomes in the long term.

I will miss working at Marina Crichton Physiotherapy. I want to thank Marina, Alison and Kylie and all of my wonderful patients for making my job so enjoyable.




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