Sound familiar? Marina discusses why back pain is so common, the reasons for it, and how physiotherapy can help.

Approximately 80% of the population suffers from back pain at some point in their lives. For half of those, their pain will be recurring. It’s not surprising that we all know someone (perhaps ourselves) who complains about a bad back.

Back pain can result from an accident, such as a fall or a sporting injury, or lifting an object that is too heavy; or it can be the result of years of abuse: unhealthy posture, poor flexibility, poor muscle control, obesity or incorrect lifting technique.

So is it possible to permanently cure back pain? And why does it return again a year, a month, a few days later?

Back pain affects 80% of Australians

Most injuries to the body occur because of tissue overload. Our bodies respond to that injury by adopting faulty movement patterns, which further increases the problem. Recent spinal research has shown that the Core Stabilisers (the specific muscles that support spinal stability) will stop functioning correctly when pain or injury is experienced in the area. Other muscles work harder to try to do these muscles’ jobs. This creates further problems along the chain of muscles and causes dysfunction further along the body. Back problems can often lead to neck pain, shin splints, and hip, knee and ankle strain.

Physiotherapy is a good starting point for back pain sufferers. As the initial acute pain starts to settle with treatment, the faulty movement patterns can be identified and corrected by way of exercise. This exercise is initially retraining your brain to use your body properly so it becomes more efficient and stronger. It is easy to do, even if you have back pain. Gradually, the exercises settle your pain and reduce recurrence through specific strengthening. This can be done on a one on one basis as a treatment session with your physio, or in our small group Bounceback classes.


Bounceback classes are a motivating group class and are more cost effective than individual physio treatments. Over eight weeks, the focus is to get you back to your peak performance, no matter your age or ability. Elite athletes are helped to improve performance, sportspeople can improve technique and prevent injuries, young or older people gain insight into how to take better care of themselves and (importantly!) their back. Everyone learns correct posture and how it can improve their lives.

So once the muscles are working in an ideal movement pattern, with adequate strength, all that is left is to maintain healthy posture, good flexibility, optimum weight and to use correct lifting techniques for the best spinal health that you can have. It’s a lesson that carries benefits for the rest of your life.

Bounceback classes are starting soon and places are limited. To find out how you can benefit from Bounceback, or to see a physio about your back pain, call or visit us.


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Originally published on 2 June, 2017.

Source: Take Control Pty. Ltd.
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