Physiotherapist Sarah Schofield shares her love of sports.

I’ve always enjoyed playing sport. While I was at school, netball and tennis were my favourites because of the team aspect involved with netball and the individual challenge of tennis. While in Mackay on holidays from uni I had the opportunity to fill in for my friend’s indoor netball team. I hadn’t played indoor before. There are nets surrounding the court that you aren’t allowed to lean on or fall into. As a defender I found them particularly hard to get used to. I’d think that I had the shooter covered, then their teammate would pass the ball into the net and it would go straight into their arms. When I told my team mates I was moving to Gatton one of them said it would be good for me because ‘they love their sports out that way’.

I was fortunate enough to join a social netball team at the Gatton Sports Centre a few months ago. It’s been a lot of fun.

I have also joined a touch football team. I turned up on the first night of the season and luckily there was a team looking for players. Most of them have been playing together for a while and are extremely talented. They tell me where to be when defending and actually set me up for two tries last week, all I had to do was catch the ball.

When I exercise my first choice is team sports because they are fun, you meet a lot of different people and I tend to put a lot more energy and effort in for the team. There are so many social sports in and around Gatton.  If you are struggling to find the motivation to exercise try joining a team sport today.

  • Sarah

Originally published on 17/05/2017

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Lockyer Valley Sports and Aquatics Centre:

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